Happy New Week to you!

Full confession: For a hot minute a couple years ago, I was seriously considering going into seminary.

Spirituality is a strength and core value for me and I could geek out on all things spiritual growth all day. (Well, technically I do geek out on this all day with many of my clients!)

At that time I thought I needed to follow the rules and stick to the system to help bring spiritual transformation to the collective.

Then I started to explore the system. And seminary -- like everything -- is a system. An expensive one, at that.

And, one that would continue to keep me in a very small box.

No, thank you.

I met with my spiritual director at the time and after some digging, I realized I can pursue my mission in my own way.

Through coaching. Through being a guest in the pulpit at different congregations. Through writing. Through speaking.

For me, playing deeper means leaning into a bold mission and living it and breathing it and leading with it.

As entrepreneurs and consultants, one of the BRAVEST things you need to do is set a clear, bold mission and update it as needed.

For me, my 2024 mission is to help build stand-out, mission-driven businesses that prioritize heart over hustle.

What does it mean to have an stand-out business? Whether you are a consultant, coach or another kind of service-based business a stand-out business for you means ...

  1. You have a clear and bold mission and purpose that creates buy-in from any team members AND potential clients/customers/funders.
  2. You have defined a powerful Brave YES Edge for your business -- which is a mixture of your unfair advantage and unique selling point.
  3. You have defined your most aligned client to work with and serve and know what they need.
  4. You have identified and packaged up your magic as a tidy framework or methodology that wows.
  5. You have a brave business strategy that stretches you and excites you to take bold action. Conventional won't work for your kind of business.

If you have a mission-led business and this idea of standing out in 2024 speaks to you, book a NEXT STEPS call with me and we'll dig into where you are right now and what your next step is on the path to a stand out business.

So, tell me ... what's your BOLD MISSION for 2024? I'd love to hear about it. Hit reply and let me know.

~ Shawn

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P.P.S -- SPECIAL EARLY BIRD BONUS -- 2024 Brave YES Vision Board Workshop and Holiday Party on Friday, Dec. 15 from 1 to 3 p.m. EST. If you sign up for the Bravest Business Year Yet program before Dec. 14, you'll be invited to join me and other female business owners to create your Brave YES Vision Board for 2024. SIGN UP NOW

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