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A Heart-Centered Strategy for Getting Things Done

published15 days ago
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Hey Spring Chicken!

I'm seeing SO many female entrepreneurs fazed by the time change and the seasonal shifts of this time of year.

The struggle is real.

Spring energy -- and autumn, as well -- can really toss us around and cause us to lose sight of those powerful New Year visions and goals we started the year with so energetically. I've witnessed this phenomena for the past 10 years of coaching.

Consistency requires soul-aligned systems that work WITH your own energy system and capacity level -- not against it.

My role, as I have seen it, is to gently and courageously bring my clients back to their YESES.

You have goals.

You have dreams.

You have plans.

The work of getting things done that YOU want to get done -- of upleveling yourself and your business -- requires consistent courage work.

Courage work at times like these can be ...

💥 Fighting through resistance to put yourself out there.

💥 Curbing procrastination on that big YES project you want to get done.

💥 Tearing through the overwhelm of all your many, beautiful, brilliant ideas.

You can have all the plans, strategies and ideas in the world ...

but if you keep quitting on yourself and your dreams, if you keep putting off what needed to be done yesterday because it's the game changer ---

... you will be where you are right now this time next year.

Is that what you want?

I know you have a vision for something more, bigger, and more easeful but you are trapped under the day to day ... you may need to get t the root of your self-sabotage or your resistance to moving forward.

Or, you just might need some courage work accountability because you're human and humans are tribal creatures and we work better when we're in this together rather than on our own.

But, I digress ... :)

Regardless of what you need to thrive and succeed, we're going to have that kind of space, courage work and accountability in The Brave YES Power Squad ...

--> We begin NEXT WEEK! ... Here's a glimpse of the first 2 weeks inside this 12 week group coaching program.

Week 1 -- Establishing your Q2 business goals and Brave YES Power Moves AND Setting Yourself Up for Success to meet those goals. (something often missing in most coaching programs.)

Week 2 -- Unearthing and identifying your fears, common self-sabotage habits and identifying where your NO mindset is holding you back from reaching your goals. And then, you'll work on ALL of this in our first Slay Your Fear Monsters workshop where I will walk you through a replicable system to SLAY self-doubt and self-destructive thoughts and habits.

And, that's just the first two weeks. 🤯

Powerful, deep work is about to happen.

Are you thinking about joining us?

---> I am happy to answer any questions you have! Learn more here and then hit reply to this email and let's chat.

We kick off next week and, if you know me, I will not hold back. Not even a little tiny bit. YOUR success is my mission.

-- Shawn

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