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Why not YOU? Why not NOW?

publishedabout 1 month ago
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Welcome to the 49th Issue of the Brave YES Biz Playbook, a weekly newsletter by me, Shawn Fink, with musings on courage, business strategy and having the capacity to play bigger and live your best life. I am SO glad you are here. You may want to allow for images to show up in this edition for a better reading experience.

Why not YOU? Why not NOW?

You have everything you need.

Just start. Do the thing. Go for the big dream.

A little motivation and a big strategy is all you need to get there.

Make it happen.

The above was a tweet I sent out this week.

It was for me but I got enough responses to know others could relate.

I’ve been in an upleveling moment.

I can feel it.

It’s not something that is going to be that apparent to others but it's happening.

It’s more of me just making big decisions, and going for things that feel hard and scary and absolutely impossible.

They do feel impossible, YES.

AND, they also feel like they are what I have been preparing for all this time.

I am living into the Brave YES Mindset that I’ve been teaching.

I’m feeling 100 percent tuned into my inner power and following my convictions.

I am also ready to go all in on my audacious authenticity and own how I am the right guide for female entrepreneurs who want to uplevel as well.

What does it mean to uplevel?

It means to play bigger.

It means to level up your own identity.

It means to trust yourself and be the Sovereign CEO you need to be to run your life and your business your way.

It means stop hiding. Stop playing small.

It means to no longer let fear (and all its companions) hijack your vision and plans.

Are you ready?

Is the voice nudging you, too?

Listen to that voice.

That’s the work, isn’t it?

I'm doing just that … 11 years ago this summer I was sitting under the stars with my feet in our pool on a warm summer night and an idea for a group coaching program came to me. I got goose bumps. I knew it was THE CATALYST for my work. It was called The Abundant Mama Project. (If you know, you know.)

And it changed everything for me.

Now, I feel that same feeling all over again but for a new group coaching program that I know is going to be the next catalyst.


----> Are you ready to Brave UP? I hope you will enroll right now in the Power Squad if it's speaking to you.

Let’s make your goals happen this year.

All of them. Let’s not hold back.

Let’s not get tired. Let’s not procrastinate.

Let's not let fear or self-doubt take over.

Let's not play small.

Let’s just say yes, right now, me, this.

Let's just Brave UP and DO THE THING.


-- S.

Shawn Fink (she/her)

Business Strategist & Courage Coach

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OK, so ... like everyone else, I have my concerns about AI generative writing. AND, like most, I am also extremely obsessed with it as well. This means I am using it, cautiously, creatively and compassionately -- AND reading everything I can get my hands on to understand it and it's future consequences.

My big take away is that more than ever we have to lean in and BE FULLY OURSELVES and not be afraid to put our original work out there ... it's the best time to set yourself apart from the competition who may be using AI to do their work for them. Be You. Stand in your power. Brave UP!

So, here's a few pieces that I came across this week -- and one I researched because, well, because.

  1. The IMPORTANT. Very important. "Search engines like Google will downgrade search results if it detects 30% of the content to be AI-generated." (Not that we need LESS traffic to our sites ... so tread carefully here.) READ THIS ARTICLE.
  2. The Fears. "We’re dealing with an alien intelligence that’s capable of astonishing feats, but not in the manner of the human mind. We don’t need to be exposed to half a trillion words of text (which, at three words a second, eight hours a day, would take 15,000 years) in order to speak or to solve problems. Nonetheless, it is impressive what you can get out of very, very, very high-order statistical patterns in mammoth data sets." READ MORE HERE
  3. The WOW & WHAT?!?! Dinner by ChatGPT --> "As a working mother of two, I often run out of creative ideas for dinner, let alone lunch. I began to wonder: Can ChatGPT be my new personal assistant? To find out, I signed up for an account and spent an afternoon testing the program, to delightful results." MAKING DINNER EASIER AGAIN

final words ...

“Have patience with everything that remains unsolved in your heart. ... live in the question.” ― Rainer Maria Rilke