🦚 Hello + Welcome 🥰 I'm Shawn (she/her) and I've been a FT online community builder and creator -- and coach -- for 10+ years. Each Sunday, I send out a Brave YES Playbook Musing that has come up during my week coaching clients or speaking to groups. My mission is to help you find your next Brave YES and make it happen. Please had to my website to read my blog, book a coaching exploratory call with me or learn more about my own Brave YES Journey. 🦚

What do you want to be able to say about your life or business on Dec. 31?

I'm a "the year is half full" kind of girl.

There is SO much time to make things happen -- to keep those promises you made to yourself earlier this year.

Time is rarely the issue.

What you likely need is prioritization/help/support/accountability.

I am someone who needs gentle pushes, radical support and fierce accountability.

So that's what I offer to my clients as well.

Let's work together to make your dreams come true this year.


The Ultimate Motivation Stealer is ...

Earlier this year, I wrote a passion piece around my theory that as mission-led, passion-focused entrepreneurs we need to embrace The Entrepreneur's Freedom Trifecta:

  • freedom to self-express
  • freedom to live and tend to ourselves and our lives
  • freedom to do purpose-driven work we love

When any of these pieces of the trifecta are out of alignment for you, you will start to feel it.

And that's when you will start to enter what I have long called The Land of Bitter and Sour.

Or, as I really like to call it -- the Land of BS.

You, as a leader or founder, may be trapped right now in the Land of Bitter and Sour yourself.

Or, perhaps someone on your team doesn't feel valued or appreciated and they are feeling trapped in The Land of Bitter and Sour (there is someone, I assure you.)

That negative energy will infect every part of your sales and revenue -- as well as your leadership and brand visibility.

Understanding how the Land of BS impacts your bottom line and growth is important for upleveling your business. If you don't feel like you are treated well in your own business -- or if your team doesn't feel like they are treated fairly or well -- it will have a negative impact.

Because I am seeing this play out in various scenarios right now in both team members and with founders, I have recorded this week's subscriber only podcast all about The Land of Bitter and Sour.


-- Shawn

P.S. Feeling trapped in the Land of Bitter and Sour as you try to grow or scale your business? Book and call with me and let's chat about what may help you climb out of it! Schedule here.


My Twitter friend Rene of Scenic Route Digital interviewed me on her video podcast about my journey with digital products. Most of you know that's exactly how I started out my first business -- and I have a very different take on things now. Listen to this episode here.


"Saying YES to yourself and doing what it takes for YOU to thrive and flourish is a Brave YES. Well, maybe a number of them." -- Shawn Fink :) me :)

JUICY JOURNAL PROMPT: What is on your flourishing list -- those things you MUST have and do -- or who you need to be -- in order to feel like you are flourishing.

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