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Throw yourself a power party.

During our first Brave YES Power Squad group coaching call, one of our amazing members of the group said at the end that we were having a POWER party not a PITY party.

Yes! Love that so much.

Empowering yourself takes effort and isn't something you can easily do on your own.

Empowering yourself to take brave YES action takes collective power -- which is why I am passionate about coaching.

Need support and motivation to empower yourself to reach those long-standing goals? Let's make it happen. Book a coaching exploratory call with me. I have October private coaching spaces opening up!


I'm back with another exclusive email-subscriber podcast episode.

This week's episode I'm talking about the fear of success which I hear about from time to time and I've been wanting to unpack that a bit.

You can listen to On the Fear of Success here.

I rarely hear the words "fear of success" in my coaching practice.

But what I do hear about all the time is fear of life disruption -- the idea that if you do become SO successful you won't be able to maintain the work or have quality work-life balance.

If the fear of success -- or the fear of life disruption -- is something that keeps you from upleveling or playing bigger in your work, business or life -- this episode is for you.

The fear of life disruption is real and there are times when it's more important than others.

But, as you'll hear in the podcast, success is a good problem and it's something you can manage intentionally and courageously and I am passionate about helping you do just that.

Once you trust you can handle anything, you're willing to journey toward anything you want.

-- Shawn


"When you have sovereignty, you feel like you are in control and that you are able to make decisions from a place of empowerment not power loss.

Running and growing a business takes a lot of patience and discernment.

The more you feel empowered, the happier and more balanced you are going to feel."

-- Shawn Fink

JUICY JOURNALING PROMPT: What parts of your workload or business do you feel a power loss in -- and what do you need to stop or start doing in order to feel more empowered?


Let's work together! I have a few private coaching spaces opening up in October and would LOVE to see if you and I are aligned to make things happen for you. Bring your business goals, your struggles and your deepest desires and let's chat about it in a Brave YES Coaching Exploratory Call. Ideal for the female founder who is ready to uplevel or pivot and prepare for a Brave YES leap. Schedule yours here.

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