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🦚 Let them see your B.R.A.V.E

published2 months ago
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Hey Brave-ish One! πŸ‘‹

Welcome to the 45th Issue of the Brave YES Biz Playbook, a weekly newsletter by me, Shawn Fink, with musings on courage, business strategy and having the capacity to play bigger and live your best life. I am SO glad you are here. You may want to allow for images to show up in this edition for a better reading experience.

Let's dive in ...

I often tell people, I'm not really brave.

I mean, I'm not jump-out-of-airplanes brave.

I'm not even dive off a diving board brave. 😬

Some of my anxiety around physical risk is due to spending 10 years as a journalist interviewing grieving family members. You learn about the value of risks when you are sitting in the living room with a crying relatives talking about losing someone they loved.

And while I played superhero as a kid, I lost that immense confidence somewhere in those 10 years of chasing ambulances and police cars.

So yeah, I'm pretty wimpy when it comes to physical risk taking.

But, in many other areas of courage, especially as it pertains to my creative and business work, I am pretty much a badass.

HEY! You can learn about those other areas of courage in my upcoming workshop: Braving the Business Arena: A Masterclass for Female Entrepreneurs to learn how to Overcome Fear and Achieve Goals.​

In this week's podcast episode -- yes, there's a new podcast episode -- I am talking about what it means to let people see your B.R.A.V.E.

And by them, I mean, your most aligned clients who will buy what you're selling -- and anyone else you want to see your BRAVE.

And, by B.R.A.V.E, I mean a whole lot ...


Since the entire purpose of a business is to connect with potential clients and customers, we need to focus on doing that with integrity -- without spammy, scammy tactics that manipulate people and in a way that feels connected to our values and beliefs.

Because ... alignment.

What do I mean by alignment?

I mean in congruence with our values, our world vision, our beliefs.

When people align with you -- and you with them -- a synergy happens.

What better way to do that than to show yourSELF.


In order to attract your most aligned clients and you need to let them see your B.R.A.V.E ...


So what does that mean? It means ...

  • Blaze your own path
  • Rise to the Top
  • Act like the Expert
  • Visualize best possible outcome
  • Embrace a Brave YES Mindset

Listen (or read) all about the five steps of Let Them See Your B.R.A.V.E here.

I'm not going to explain this framework here because you can listen to the podcast or read about them over on my website but I am going to say this:

The people who need your work need to see your B.R.A.V.E -- they need to know that you are there, that your work is in this world, that your ideas will save them. They need to know you get them. There's no reason to hold back and hide. There's no reason to wait for perfect timing.

Today is the day to call in your people.

​Let them see your B.R.A.V.E.


In Gratitude & Peace,

Shawn Fink (she/her)

​Business Strategist & Courage Coach​

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