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Sometimes ... you just need a pep talk and today feels like one of those times so I wrote this to bring some relief to those who are feeling anxious in the liminal space.

She had faith.

She had faith that no matter what went wrong something would go right.

She had faith that even when it all feels like it's falling apart, something, one tiny little thing, is also falling together.

She had faith.

She had faith that the things that feel hard won't always feel hard, and that gave her hope to breathe a little deeper, to walk a little lighter, to move a little more gently in this world.

She had faith that it would all work out not in some fairytale way but in the modern day kind of way -- messy and imperfect with a touch of WTF.

She had faith.

She had faith that faith, trust, surrender was all she needed.

She had faith that her hard work -- and, oh how hard she works -- would lead to more than enough, plenty enough, ample enough.

She had faith in herself, too, even though it feels wobbly at times, or most of the time.

She had faith that she could do the hard things -- and all the easy things, too.

She had faith that the next right move would appear and she would step on the escalator and ride the wave to the next decision, the next change, the next level.

She had faith, not necessarily the kind about a god in the sky but in the gifts from the universe, the divine timing kind of faith, the trust-fall kind of faith, the fall back and fall back and fall back and let it all unfold kind of faith.

She had faith and that's all she needs to open her eyes and leap.


**This piece was written was inspired by a conversation with a handful of great entrepreneurs struggling with scarcity and needing to trust right now.


Shawn Fink (she/her)

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--> Will this coaching circle happen again this year? I can't say for sure just yet so please don't assume so.

Some learning 🥕carrots🥕 to help you manage stress this week -- and we all have stress to handle this week.

1. Are you the Lion or a Gazelle? How you experience and view stress determines how you manage stress. This great little story shares a metaphor that really breaks this concept down. You can see your stress as a POSSIBILITY -- or something to fear. Which do you choose? (Around here, in Brave YES Land, we choose possibility!)

Read the story here.

2. Work on your relationship to stress! Because ---> "Anything worth doing will have aspects of stress woven through: challenge, discomfort, risk. We can’t change that. But what we can change is our response,” she says. (AMEN) 7 Ways to Have a Healthier Relationship with Stress

3. REST before WORRY. A comic. (everything is always better after some sleep, isn't it?)

4. IS STRESS IMPACTING YOUR BUSINESS? Quite possibly. Check out these 10 Visibility Blockers that may be impacting your bottom line.

in case of an emergency ... 🦚

"Stress is an ignorant state. It believes that everything is an emergency." –Natalie Goldberg

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