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👀 7 Daily Biz Practices to Hold Your Vision

published3 months ago
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Welcome to the 44th Issue of the Brave YES Biz Playbook, a weekly newsletter by me, Shawn Fink, with musings on courage, business strategy and having the capacity to play bigger and live your best life. I am SO glad you are here. These issues are published on Sundays all year long -- except for some US holiday weeks. You may want to allow for images to show up in this edition for a better reading experience.

Hey there, Clarity Seeker!

Years ago, when I was the Lead Mama at The Abundant Mama Project, during our second weekend retreat we created the most amazing mantra art pieces using collage.

Mine was as needed and true then as it is now.

Here's what it said: Hold the Vision. Trust the Process.

On the bottom right corner of this mantra collage, there is one more word: FREE. (My collage hangs next to my keyboard and chair where I sit to coach and write daily.)

Freedom is essential for me.

And the more I trust, the more free I feel.

This is where I let my spiritual side take center stage for a minute ...

When I start to feel lost in my work and business, I know it’s time to return to this mantra and focus on the CLARITY work that is absolutely essential in building, pivoting or growing a business.

As a self-defined spiritual business coach, TRUST is a often a part of the conversations in my sessions with entrepreneurs.

Trust work is my JAM and has roots all the way back to the very first framework I created for The Abundant Mama Project, long before I even knew what frameworks were. (Now I could spend all day helping visionaries create theirs!)

Trust is a business practice.

When YOU hold the vision of your business close, you are FREE to let go, to trust the process and, as a result, stop hustling and grinding to the brink of stress and insomnia.

This is part of The Entrepreneur's Freedom Trifecta that I talk about a lot -- because when you trust enough to do what feels good, that is true freedom.

Holding the Vision is a gentle way to stay the course and not veer off the path toward your dream.

When I help a client establish their Brave Business Vision, a large part of that process becomes visualizing the dream and really getting to know it so well that it's very clear in your head.

Once you know your vision — and this is work you may need coached through to brainstorm and finalize and can take some time and experimentation — it’s necessary to hold that vision in order to take right action and trust the process.

  • What if you have a big vision with high expectations and failure isn’t an option because … bills, dreams, needs?
  • Or, what if your life is chaos and holding the vision is hard because, well, life is hard?

First, let's normalize not always having it all figured out or knowing the vision.

Next, let's work on holding that vision … so you can truly trust the process.

  • How do you do hold the vision without falling into overwhelm, stress or burnout?
  • How do you hold the vision when you feel like you are losing sight of your vision due to all the day to day life and work stuff?

Well, I have some ideas for you to experiment with this week.

Below are 7 daily business practices to experiment with and try on to help you hold that precious vision.

Why daily?

Because ... Holding a Brave Vision requires a daily touch.

When your vision is out of sight and out of mind, it is going to get buried at the bottom of the daily clutter pile of life and work demands. And those piles add up to be big piles that grow for weeks, months, seasons — or even years.

Let’s keep your vision close.

Let’s keep it guiding you constantly — so you can trust the process and let go of the hustle and grind and spin cycle of figuring it all out all over again.

7 Daily Practices to Keep the Vision for Your Business Top of Mind

  1. DAY 1 — Get clear on your Why: Write down your vision and mission statement in a special notebook or in your planner for this particular season of your business: Clearly define your Brave YES intentions and goals as well as your guiding purpose so you focus on what's important. A season in your business may be this month, this quarter, this year or with no timeline attached at all. Your WHY need to be at the heart of all of this.
  2. DAY 2 — Connect with your most aligned client: I’m not talking about conducting formal market research surveys to gain greater understanding of your target customers and their needs. I mean … CONNECT. Get on their level. Walk in their shoes. Understand their hopes and dreams. Your vision will always rise to the surface of chaos when you connect with your most aligned clients.
  3. DAY 3 — Establish a SINGLE-FOCUS goal for the day based on your Brave Business Vision and make it something that isn’t putting out a fire or tending to the day to day. Yes, you have a million things to do. But, rather than think you are superhuman, just pick one thing to focus on today. Name it something powerful and sexy — and do whatever it takes to make it happen. Think of that one thing as a target and you hold the bow and arrow.
  4. DAY 4 — Create your Brave YES Blueprint: Design a roadmap for your Brave Vision that outlines the steps you need to take to reach your vision -- and define your success metrics for each one. A vision without steps to take along the way is just a dream. Create a plan that feels good and lights you up.
  5. DAY 5 — Reach UP. Find someone to support YOU. You will cultivate greater resilience when you choose to reach UP to someone who has the capacity and wisdom to guide you toward your vision. The key is to choose someone who can hold part of your load with you - not just toss it back to you. This should be someone who is skilled in rumbling with hard things. —> Resilience expands capacity.
  6. DAY 6 — Start Presencing: We have so much being tossed at us on a daily basis. In fact, more is being consumed into our brains than expressed or released. You need to make sense of all of that and what you are doing. I recommend a presencing journaling practice to that I call Daily Centering: 1) Write down everything you want to remember from yesterday 2) Write down everything that’s important for today 3) Write down what you need to remember for tomorrow. Do this every day.
  7. DAY 7: Adopt a Brave YES Mindset: The whole point of the mantra Hold the Vision, Trust the Process is to do what it takes to show up and make the vision a reality. This takes trust. You must be ready to say yes before you're ready and embrace new opportunities or challenges as they arise. And, be willing to take calculated risks that are going to move the needle for you and your vision. Interested in diving more deeply into embracing a Brave YES Mindset? HIT REPLY to this email and say YES and I'll send you the Embrace a Brave YES Mindset Checklist and video.

Which one of these speaks to you the most? I encourage you to practice ALL of them over the next week.

In Gratitude & Peace,

Shawn Fink (she/her)

Business Strategist & Courage Coach

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Yet too many people see these rights—and, consequently, niksen—as privileges that some people just have, some work for and earn, and still others should not be allowed to enjoy."

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Here's a glimpse: "Some reviews read like poetry: “The bell has rung but not late for school. Am i in the right class,” David Prescott wrote of a Taco Bell in New Jersey. Some lines read like odes to Hemingway’s famous six-word story: “Unknowingly purchased sick Nigerian dwarf goats,” Joseph Hardwick wrote of the Hilltop Acres Goat & Sheep Auction in Romance, Arkansas. Sometimes it feels like the reviews are reaching toward some great metaphor. In remote Bowman, North Dakota, Ron Kramer stared at a scarecrow cowboy riding a red, white, and blue USA missile. “The missile warhead fell off,” he wrote."

--> And then -- go leave a poetic review for a friend's business.

Have a badass, brave week! :)

-- Shawn